Our theme this term is Wales. During this term we will be learning through a variety of nursery rhymes. Our science experiments will be based on dissolving and melting. Within our mathematical lessons we will be looking at number, money, shape, measures, symmetry, pattern and positional language. Our language focus will be to learn the story 'Dillad Tedi Twt' in Pie Corbett style. We will also be developing language patterns and recognising, blending and segmenting sounds. 

P.E is on Wednesday. Please ensure your child is dressed in a school polo shirt, a school jumper, dark joggers and trainers. 

This is the 'Tric a Chlic' app that you can download for free to use at home.


 Tric a Chlic

Here is the link to HWB. Every child will recieve their username and password to take home. We use Just2Easy to teach coding, creating pictures, animation, creating graphs etc.