This term Year 2 are looking at Forces. We will be studying Friction, Floating, Air Friction and Gravity. The children will be taking part in many experiments, including making parachutes and measuring how far cars with different types of wheels will travel.

We are learning the story of Llyn Llech Owain, and there will be different language tasks involved, including writing a story at the end.

Multiplication and division, problem solving and number work will be the main focus in mathematics this term, and we will be revising earlier work.

 P.E is on a Tuesday. Please ensure your child is wearing tracksuit bottoms, a school T shirt and school jumper and a pair of trainers.

These are the apps Tric a Chlic and Scratch Junior that we use in school that you can download for free to use at home.

Tric a Chlic  Scratchjr

Here is the link to HWB. Every child will recieve their username and password to take home. We use Just2Easy to teach coding, creating pictures, animation, creating graphs etc.