Welsh is the main language of the daily life and work of the school. Welsh is the medium of education in the infant department. In Key Stage 2 both Welsh and English are used as a means of education.

If a parent is concerned about the Welsh Language it is asked that they contact the Headteacher.

The aim of this bilingual policy is to ensure that the children are totally bilingual by the time they leave the school.

As required by the National Curriculum we teach the skills of Reading, Speaking and Listening, Writing, Handwriting and Spelling.


Pupils are expected to take home their reading books on a daily basis. Parents are asked to assist with reading by:-

  1. showing an interest in the books
  2. listening to their child read regularly at home.

Parental involvement improves and further develops the child’s reading skills immensely.

Year 2 and K.S.2 pupils have the opportunity to choose a book from the school’s library.

Again, we ask parents to ensure that these books are read regularly and that they are returned on time to school.