Our main aim is to provide a motivating and safe environment which enhances the pupils’ maturity in general and promotes the development of their physical skills.

As a school we offer a wide variety of sporting experiences.

Regular time is set aside for the development of physical skills. The lessons can be held in the hall, playground or the school’s playing fields.

Pupils are expected to bring appropriate clothes to the lesson – Shorts and T-shirt.

Parents are asked to mark or label these clothes clearly.

As a school we also regularly take part in competitions against teams from other schools in Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Rounders, Cross Country Running, Athletics and Swimming.

Pupils who represent the school are provided with appropriate kit in the schools colours.

Over the years we have been consistently successful and the various sporting trophies are displayed in the school foyer.

As a school we are fortunate to have extensive facilities which we endeavour to share with other schools.



Year 5 & 6 pupils receive weekly swimming lessons at the Carmarthen Leisure Centre Swimming Pool during the Autumn Term and Year 3 and 4 pupils receive swimming lessons during the Summer Term Term. 

Good swimmers are also given the opportunity to take part in the Urdd’s Swimming Gala and the Gwendraeth Valley Schools Swimming Gala.


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