Children are immersed in language experiences and activities. Their skills develop through talking, signing/communicating and listening. They should be encouraged to communicate their needs, feelings and thoughts, retell experiences and discuss individual and group play. Some children will communicate by means other than speech. Children refer to their intentions by asking questions, voicing/expressing opinions and making choices through a variety of media and by building on previous experiences. They should be encouraged to listen and respond to others, to the variety of life experiences that their peers bring to the learning environment, and to a range of stimuli, including audio-visual material and ICT interactive software. They should have opportunities to choose and use reading materials, understand the conventions of print and books and be given a wide range of opportunities to enjoy mark-making and writing experiences. They should be helped to develop an awar
eness of Wales as a country with two languages, and to show positive attitudes to speakers of languages other than Welsh and English. Language skills learned in one language should support the development of knowledge and skills in another language.